Melanie Boyle

Melanie Boyle 

Melanie is a leadership practitioner and Gallup-certified strengths coach with over 20 years of leadership experience working with, advising and delivering to chief executives and senior leaders, as well as coaching and building high-performing leaders and leadership teams.

Melanie provides organisations with advice and strategies to foster a culture of diversity and inclusion in response to a changing workforce that requires the management of multiple generations, and that will be dominated by our younger generations in less than a decade.

Melanie is the Founder of Women Step Forward established to accelerate the development of women millennials and create a robust and sustainable women in leadership pipeline.

Melanie supports organisations to build talent strategies that attract, retain and advance women millennials in a drive towards greater gender balance and diversity.

Melanie’s experience is in New Zealand and the United Kingdom with a wide range of organisations including government departments, local government, not-for-profit organisations, privately owned companies and the health sector.